History | Κατσούρμπος
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Why did not I feel like a cool no other sweetness, where the food gives me the big,
eating in paradise seems to me sleeping and the first caliber on the land I hold.
How sweet and gentle how much does the blush give her to chew to bust her boar up to the trunks,
and then she moves across the narrow throat and into the stomach.


The above verses come from “Katsourbos”. A hero of the Renaissance Cretan Comedy by “Georgios Hortatsis” (Rethymnon 1545-1610).
From this hero we isnspired to give the name of our restaurant. Our hero love the good food and so our philosophy is based on the same idea.
To offer food from “Mother Crete”!

Since 2005 we have been producing traditional Cretan recipes, bringing exclusively materials from the local producers of the island.
One of our basic principle is that the meats are fresh and always cooked with pure virgin olive oil from organic cultivation from Lefkochori Monophatsi.
The pasta and bread that arrives at the table are homemade. This purity and freshness of materials combined with our passion and tradition is our characteristic trait.
Thats the reason you could find references for “Katsourbos” in the “ZAGAT” gourmet catalog, in itravelling and Style.
The Athenian publicity journalists also gave the title “Renaissance of the Cretan Kitchen” by linking it to the Renaissance period that George Chortatsis wrote the project.