Philosophy | Κατσούρμπος
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Renaissance also means “regeneration” and “resting”.


This is our philosophy. Through our restaurant we offer dishes based on the tradition of Crete. We renew recipes. We recreate flavors.
We keep the tradition not only of Crete but of our country. The atmosphere, the materials, the people, the recipes, the aromas, the spices, the flavors, the history,
the pictures from the past are connected with the hero of Khortatsis. Food is therefore a treat. Life should be enjoyment.

Here in “Katsourbos” we seek to create tasteful experiences. Our family is here to serve this purpose!
We want you to travel to old Crete. We work to re-create this delicacy that comes from our past and history.

”Behind a successful recipe it is said that love and passion is hidden from the cook who is cooking it.” That is our mission.
“To offer daily Cretan original recipes, generously, with love and passion to reach your table ready to enjoy them as our hero enjoyed eating”.

Katsourbos team